Wednesday, 23 October 2013

No Hate

One thing I think people should remember is that Hate is not an option. No matter how you feel about a person or a system or a society you have to remember that you cannot hate, and if you have a dialogue in your head that allows you to think hateful thoughts, or to say degrading things, you need to fix that. Whatever you do in your life, learn to fix your hate. It's poison, and it will only end up hurting you more than the object you're directing it at. They funny thing is--it IS you that you're rejecting. We don't always realize it, but usually when we dislike something, it is because it is the something in US that we've never accepted and that we can't stand. So we need to fix it in ourselves and accept it in others. Remember to have grace and to extend kindness to every person you meet. Do not waste a minute on negative thoughts. Always, always find the positive and leave the rest behind.

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