Sunday, 6 October 2013

More Who

I'm still stuck on The Who. I'm sorry, but I am completely addicted to music and it's all I want to talk about most of the time. I used to listen to Tommy over and over again, and I remember when I bought that cassette and thought to myself, "I now love someone else as much as I love the Beatles." It was a real revelation, because I didn't think such a thing was possible. The sound Townshend created with his guitar, and Moon's incessant beating of the drums; Daltrey's huge, whiskey voice, and Entwistle's lightning speed bass did something wonderful to my ears. And never mind the insanely genius song structure and lyrics. Beyond that you had the most wild, to this day, group of rockers that ever exited. They were rebellion, but somehow made it classy, probably because they had a good fashion sense (per the era). Anyway, thinking about Moon so much the other day led me to this video which I'm sure everyone else has seen. It's so crazy, and it makes me excited and happy. Unfortunately, I read this is how Townshend lost part of his hearing. I guess Keith kept adding more and more explosive powder to a set up he had inside his kit, and BOOM, the usual guitar smashing had a bigger ending than anyone anticipated. I love how John Entwistle keeps his composure in the chaos.

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