Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Keith Moon and Autism

I keep reading stories that Keith Moon may have been borderline autistic/aspergers, and that it was probable The Who's rock opera Tommy was based on him. Could be false information, but if you watch videos of Keith you'll notice two things: one, he was absolutely fueled by a different thought process than any other musician out there and was, at times, akin to Animal from Jim Henson's The Muppets, and two, he was a genius on the drums. One minute he's barely touching them, dangling a drumstick from his fingers like it was unbearable to touch, and the next he's beating the holy living shit out of his kit. If the claims are true—and who would know as he's long gone from this earth?—then I think it's interesting and wonderful. People who have autism and aspergers are brilliant people. They're often very talented, witty, loving, yet their flaw is not being able to connect to the world, or process the world like everyone else. It's an issue of the senses. I think the day is coming when everyone will see how cool these folks are. In other Who news, Roger Daltrey is coming to town in the fall to perform Tommy and I'd love to go but finances most likely will prevent that from happening. That's okay. I got the record. This is early Who here, and a very young Keith Moon. It doesn't even scratch his brilliance, but it does show some of the stick holding behavior I mentioned earlier. This is such a genius of a song. And Townshend's jacket kicks.

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