Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Main Nutrition For Body Building

During these days ,the main nutrition you need to take is fat and protein. Remember the “fat”doesn’t mean those fats in clay oven rolls or fried bread sticks. It refers to the natural fat in meat, milk,eggs and nuts. Make sure to eat some fresh vegetables as well.

Fat plays an important role in human’s bodies. It is also a must if you want to build muscle and strength. But keep one thing in mind,don’t over eat. Most overweighted Americans eat too much fried food. The fat in those fried food makes them over weighted.

I would also advise you to try out dumbbells, they're one of the best alternatives to buying muscles without any health issues.

If you have high blood pressure or don’t feel comfortable to eat high fat food,remember to decrease the quantity according to your physical condition.

Summary: 40% protein, 50% fat, 10% carbs and 1 Gallon of Water

You can’t be careless because this is the last part. If you want to reward yourself with cakes ,hamburgers and cream,all the results from the previous six days will disappear. Your metabolism will get unbalanced and you will achieve nothing.

But you are allowed to cheat in case of the sudden occasion. Try to take nutrition as the given summary below. You have choices to take fat and protein in a wide range.

Summary: 70% carbs, 0-30% protein, 0-30% fat and 0.5 Gallons of Water

Follow this mixed diet,it will give you enough nutrition to keep healthy and build muscle. Carbs , protein and fat can provide you calories to burn for energy.

They are all essential to body functioning. They are the source of power and strength. If you take them as the diet properly with an efficient workout routine, your muscle will be pumped soon!

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